Friday, September 11, 2009

calling out their gifts

On Operation Barnabas, our high school students get to experience a wide variety of ministries. Children, youth, adult, senior citizen, homeless, local church, manual labor, dramatic arts, music, preaching/teaching... the list goes on.

One of my favorite things is to see a student come alive in one of those ministries. You know what I mean? Like, they are in a situation where they are using their gifts ad their strengths and they are flourishing. And, they are probably loving it.

What's shocking to me is that so many of these kids don't even recognize their strengths, their gifts. They have no idea they are leaders, encouragers, administrators, servants, teachers, preachers....

Why? Because no one has ever affirmed them. No one has pointed out their gift, and then helped them find ways to use it and to continue refine it.

Mark Batterson wrote about that this morning:
We need to speak prophetically into each other's lives. We need tocall things out--gifts, passions, goals, dreams, desires. Isn't that what Jesus was so good at? He saw the martyr in a denier named Peter. He called it out by calling him "the Rock."

Prophets call things out of the people. It's also called leadership. I'm thinking of this today because I read a manuscript an aspiring author sent to me and he definitely has the gift. I emailed him back and called it out. I want to call the best out of others the way Jesus did. That's leadership. That's discipleship.

Who do you have the opportunity to call out? Do it. Today.

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